1942 John Deere B Before and After Discussion

I have heard that every serious collector has at least one project like this one. I started this project in October 2001 as just a manifold replacement. It rurned into much moare than that very quickly. I started this project in a garage when we lived in Lino Lakes, MN. We have since moved to Clear Lake, IA. This means all the pieces were moved. I put this project in my shop in IA in 2003 when we moved. I have been quite successful at finding reasons not to work on this project. The time has come though to get this restoration project completed because I need the shop space (I have been quite creative in finding ways to work around the pieces). Work started again in November 2010. Yes, it has been mentioned to me many times about the lack of progress on this project (any guesses by whom?).

Much of the disassembly was done before I started this web site and before I decided to take pictures of the progress. This project consisted of the following:

  • Coming home - Purchased in Iowa - October 1999 at Heritage Park of North Iowa show - This is the first tractor I bought 

  • Disassembly - There are lots of pieces

  • Restoration - Getting the pieces ready for assembly - Started in 2001 but took a break for say ten years 

  • Assembly - Putting it all back together - Started February 2011 - Not bad only took ten years to get started

The following people have contributed to this project and I thank them for their assastance:

  • Nancy Sellers - Spouse
  • Kenny Sellers - Son
  • Vern Watermann - Vern's Implement
  • Margret Watermann - Vern's Implement
  • Jerred Ruble - Friend
  • Brian Patterson - Friend