1898 Huber 5 HP Boiler Construction Discussion

The new boiler is being designed and manufactured by Swanz Boiler Design and Manufacturing Company located at 15388 296th Avenue, Zimmerman, Minnesota, 55389, phone 763-389-0239, cell  612-209-6464, email advancerumbly@msn.com. Lawrence Swanz is the primary owner and we have known each other for several years. I have witnessed the work he has done for others and it is top notch. Lawrence is working with Twin City Boiler Repair (TCBR) because they carry an S stamp. The resulting boiler will be 100% S stamp certified.

Swanz Boiler Design and Manufacturing was very good to work with during the contract development and signing phase. The resulting contract was fair to all parties. What more can you ask?

After the contract was signed, I had a situation where I needed to have them hold off on starting the boiler. Lawrence was very understanding and we very easily came to acceptable terms for both of us. I thank Lawrence for his understanding and co-operation.

The design phase went very well. You can see a portion of the blue prints here. It is obvious from the design that my boiler is designed with quality and reliability in mind. I am very impressed with the design and the resultant plans, blue prints and calculations created.

The construction phase went well. Lawrence provides me with pictures periodically so I can monitor progress. Those pictures are shown on this web page.

I would recommend Swanz Boiler Design and Manufacturing to anyone considering the construction of a new boiler.

1898 Huber Boiler Construction