1927 Huber Road Roller Before and After Discussion

This project was started and some items were completed. The Roller was sold during the 2021 Aumann Pre-30 Auction to the Huber Museum in Marion, OH. I am very glad they got it. I look forward to them completing the restoration. The restoration work we performed consisted of the following:

The following people have contributed to our portion this project and I thank them for their assistance:

  • Nancy Sellers - Spouse
  • Kenny Sellers - Son
  • Vern Watermann - Vern's Implement
  • Margaret Watermann - Vern's Implement 
  • Jerred Ruble - Friend
  • Brian Patterson - Friend
  • Doug Langenbach - Friend
  • Lawrence Swanz - Swanz Boiler Design and Manufacturing
  • Craig Dobbins - Craig's Restoration and Repair

Here is some miscellaneous info (mainly to make sure I do not forget it:

  • Boiler Repairs Required
    • Front flue sheet bottom 8 inches
    • Soft plug hole
    • Pits on barrel