1898 Huber 5 HP Before and After Discussion

This restoration project started January, 2010 and is still ongoing.

I initially was going to restore this engine as a scale model Huber 30 HP engine. After much considerations, I am going to restore it back to its original condition as a portable engine. When I bought the engine it was a portable converted to a traction engine. The boiler was bad and needed to be replaced. Now the plan is to restore it back to its original glory. 

This project consisted of the following:

  • Coming home - Purchased in Ohio - September 2009
  • In the Begriming - Pictures as it was when I purchased it
  • Flue Removal - Had to remove the flues to assess the boiler - Needs new boiler
  • Disassembly - Preparing old boiler to go to boiler maker
  • Boiler Construction - The boiler design is completed (blue print available on page) and consturction underway 
  • Canopy - Building a new canopy - Has not started yet
  • Restoration - Fixing, cleaning and painting all the pieces - Has not started yet
  • Assembly - Putting it all back together - Has not started yet

The following people have contributed to this project and I thank them for their assistance:

  • Nancy Sellers - Spouse
  • Kenny Sellers - Son
  • Jerred Ruble - Friend
  • Brian Patterson - Friend
  • Lawrence Swanz - Swanz Boiler Design and manufacturing